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2024 Can-Am Origin & Pulse Electric Prototypes – First Look

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Motorcycle.com gives a preview of the upcoming 2024 Can-Am Origin and Pulse electric motorcycles.

Production starts in the summer of 2024.

Can-Am Origin dual-sport

The Can-Am Origin has an upward rising fairing, giving it a Dakar-inspired profile similar to what you’d find on the Ducati DesertX or Husqvarna Norden 901. Like those bikes, the Origin is beakless, with a fender hugging the 21-inch front tire.

The fairing shrouds the distinctive headline design that will be shared across all Can-Am motorcycles. The headlight employs two LEDs aligned like an equals sign surrounded by outer LEDs that extend outward along the sides of the light. It’s an interesting design, but we wonder if it will comply with regulations, as the headlight would be quite visible from the side of the motorcycle, and comes really close to the turn signal stalks.

The frame is well hidden behind the bodywork, with the battery pack appearing to be a stressed part of the chassis. The subframe is bolted onto the back of the battery, reflecting the modular design BRP is using for its electric motorcycles.

The suspension system is comprised of an inverted fork and a rear monoshock. We don’t see any evidence of adjustability, but that may change on the final production version. Up front, the Origin uses a single brake with an axial mount caliper. ABS should be expected, and the front wheel does appear to have a sensor ring.

The badging on the Origin is surprisingly understated. Beyond the “Can-Am” logo on the side fairing, there’s a small “Rotax E-Power” label on the sides, right above the yellow battery pack, and a small yellow “Origin” badge on the side of the seat. The tail cover has a small indent on the sides with a small label reading “Can-Am Motorcycles Est. 1973”, a nod to the brand’s history.

Can-Am Pulse roadster

The Pulse shares a lot of elements with the Origin, but in a Standard motorcycle configuration. Instead of the Origin’s wire-spoke wheels, the Pulse uses cast wheels and shorter supsension, while the tail is flatter, offering a lower seat height.

The footpegs on the Pulse are lower than on the Origin, while the handlebars are lower and positioned farther forward, providing completely different ergonomics.

The headlight unit is similar, but angled slightly back and not covered by a fairing. The “fuel tank” is longer and flatter than on the Origin, with sculpted sides giving it a much different look than the dual-sport’s flatter bodywork.

Without the Origin’s fairing, the digital display appears much more exposed on the Pulse, and we wonder if the large screen could benefit from some additional protection.

Of course, the most important questions remain to be answered. There’s no indication of how much power either the Origin or Pulse will produce, though the single disc brake would suggest the maximum output will be modest. We also don’t know the battery capacity, range, or weight for either model. Those details will have to wait for at least another year, while pricing won’t be revealed until closer to their 2024 launch target.
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