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Watch out when buying an Urbet Gadiro, mine broke in half and almost killed me

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(First of all, I’d like to apologize for my English; I’m Spanish, so it isn’t my native language)
In August 2022 I bought a used Urbet Gadiro electric motorcycle, when it was two years old and had 1,500 kilometers. After a month of riding it, the chassis broke in half and almost killed me. As I suspected that my accident had been due to a manufacturing defect, I posted a video on YouTube explaining my case.

In the comments on said video, Urbet acknowledged that 32 of their first motorcycles came out with chassis "suspected of having some weakness", and that they have been aware of this situation since one of those motorcycles broke in half in December 2020, causing another accident. They have even confirmed that several of these models have been exported outside of Spain, so be extremely careful.

If anyone wants more details, here you can find the videos I made on the subject (Spanish audio with English subtitles):
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